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Ceramic tile laying in Toronto and Ontario

Ceramic tile laying in Toronto is a rather time-consuming procedure that requires some knowledge in the field of repair work (renovation). You can tile your bathroom on your own, of course, but smooth joints, the same verified seams, perfectly smooth masonry is extremely difficult to achieve. Professionals from our company “Torontocon” will quickly install tiles in your bathroom in accordance with high quality standards.

Rapid floor repair in Toronto and Ontario

How often do we decide to carry out major repairs? Perhaps once in ten years. And the first thing we pay attention to is the floor covering. If you’re tired of old flooring, feel free to call our Torontocon and we’ll do a rapid floor repair in Toronto and Ontario! Our craftsmen will quickly and reliably replace the old floors with the new ones, choosing only the best flooring that will change the interior of your apartment forever.


Interior finishing in Toronto and Ontario

Interior finishing of the house in Toronto – a means of creating beautiful interiors. Specialists of “Torontocon” work with a lot of finishing materials. Interior finishing in Toronto by specialists of the company – a real art
Modern repair is difficult to imagine without interior decoration. Finishing can improve the performance of walls, ceiling, floor. Also, it is a good way to decorate a room.
Properly executed finishing work in Toronto – a guarantee of increasing the level of resistance of building materials to aggressive environmental factors.

Siding installation in Toronto and Ontario

Siding is a material that is used for cladding the facade of the building. It protects the house from adverse environmental conditions, as well as gives it an exquisite and aesthetic appearance. Siding installation in Toronto is carried out using simple tools, but the main difficulty of the process is the choice of material. Vinyl, wood, metal, cement and other types of materials can be used for cladding. If you need a quick and professional installation of siding in Toronto, please contact our company. We will gladly transform your room and turn it into a real work of art.


Home Insulation in Toronto and Ontario

Wall Insulation in Toronto is a great way to improve thermal insulation and save on fuel for the boiler. In recent years, people are increasingly ordering this service for home Insulation in Toronto. Such a high interest in insulation is due to its high efficiency. Improvement of insulation helps to create an optimal temperature inside the room, regardless of external weather conditions and with minimal effort.

Repair of a children room in Toronto and Ontario

It is extremely important for all parents, in what conditions his child will live. And any family tries to make more efforts to make their kids feel comfortable and comfortable in their own room, and also that it is unique and suitable for the tastes and aspirations of the child. Since the children room baby spends a significant part of his life: dozing off, playing all kinds of games, doing lessons, spending time with friends – then do repair of a children room in Toronto should be balanced and careful.


Wall repair in Toronto and Ontario

Smooth walls are an excellent basis for further implementation of stylish design. Even with the most beautiful design project and uneven walls you may not achieve the desired effect. Curvature of walls, cracks and other deformations only exacerbate the situation, which is why we offer wall repair in Toronto.
A wide range of modern finishing materials allows you to realize the device walls in a variety of ways. Someone prefers to use foam blocks, someone more pleasant to work with bricks. However, more and more people order the wall repair from drywall. The popularity of this service is easy to explain.