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Our goal is to make the hardwood flooring selection process as easy as possible for you.



Wooden floors have been used for centuries as the main flooring for the house. Contact our company and we will do everything to the highest standards

Laminate flooring installation in Toronto and Ontario

Laminate is rightly considered the most popular flooring. It looks quite attractive and at the same time is a quality and inexpensive way to replace the old floor covering. Laminate does not succumb to mechanical influences, it has good thermal insulation properties, and does not require complex care. If you need quality laminate flooring in Toronto, feel free to call us! We will gladly fulfill for you any, even the most complex order



Vinyle sheets installation is a service that is needed every time you repair or build. Addressing us, you will get a great mood from our work and a pleasant price


Tile works are one of the elements of finishing works. When carrying out finishing works, when repairing residential and public premises, tiles are not replaceable material. Our offer will definitely interest you! We look forward to your call


Carpet installation

Carpet is a very popular material, which is increasingly used in homes for flooring. The secret of its popularity is not only in the cheapness and wide range, but also in the ease of installation. Carpet installation is not difficult to perform by yourself, although for optimal results, it is still better to invite specialists – then the carpet will have a professional look and will last for a long time

Terrace Board Installation

Suppose you have a task to make a floor on a terrace, an open veranda, a gazebo or a stage in the open air. What building material to choose for these works. Ideal for tiles, but it is technologically difficult and therefore not rational. It is very expensive to use waterproof wood. Using classic types of wood is not durable and guaranteed to lead to repair of the floor in a few years. The solution to the problem of a material for the floor that is not afraid of moisture, while looking like a real board is a terrace board made of wood-polymer composite.


Vinyl floor Installation

Vinyl floors are widely distributed due to their low cost, ease of use, wide variation of colors and patterns and durability. Installation of vinyl floor in Toronto can be carried out by our experts in the shortest possible time. With proper skill and availability of the necessary tools and supplies to lay the vinyl floor can anyone.
Vinyl floor has a rather complex structure – it is a multi-layer “sandwich”, in which each layer has its own function. Thus, the top layer protects the floor from UV light, which destroys any paint. This is what ensures that the vinyl floor preserves its appearance for many years. Deeper is the transparent vinyl layer, which protects the floor from mechanical damage, its thickness determines the class of wear resistance of the material.

Wooden floor installation in Toronto and Ontario

Do you need a floor installation? Then you must first choose what material you will be laying.
What its length, thickness and width will be. If, for example, you have a room 3 * 4, then you are optimal and non-waste 4m floorboard will suit. If you have a room more or less then you need to decide whether to make a wooden floor of a solid board, or join the parts (laying a wooden floor in Toronto chess method).