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Home Extensions

At Torontocon, we design, manage and build extensions that fit your family’s needs and budget. Whether you need extra bedrooms, another bathroom or a more spacious kitchen and dining area, we’re the local builders you can trust.

Repair of a house in Toronto and Ontario

Sooner or later any house requires repair. And, it does not matter at all whether it is a major repair of the house or a cosmetic one, it must be carried out qualitatively and in compliance with all technologies. After all, any home should be comfortable, functional, safe and cozy.
Such, where it would be pleasant to spend time with your family.
That is why, “Torontocon” takes care of all repair work and offers its services for the repair of houses and cottages “turnkey” of any complexity and scale


Kitchen Renovation in Toronto and Ontario

The kitchen is a place where not only the whole process of cooking takes place, but also a place of the warmest meetings, so it should always be not only comfortable, but also beautiful, so that you can always sit at a cup of fragrant tea, and this can be done only through repair. If you want to make a complete kitchen renovation in Toronto, but you don’t know how to make it seem visually spacious, then you have addressed to the right address.

Bathroom renovations in Toronto

Torontocon performs turnkey bathroom renovations. From cosmetic work on surfaces to complex projects with non-standard engineering solutions and specific materials.
Due to the specifics of the premises, repairs in them require special attention and approach. Often the space is limited, but you need to level the walls, place plumbing, furniture, everything you need, getting a beautiful design + comfort. It is also worth considering the high humidity of the room.


Cosmetic repair in Toronto and Ontario

The main thing in the room is a cozy and warm atmosphere, which makes us so happy to come home. Cosmetic repair in Toronto are the best way to eliminate minor indoor defects: to renew outdated wallpaper, paint walls or doors, replace switches. Our company offers quality cosmetic repairs home in Toronto, after which your home will regain its lost beauty and elegance.

Luxury home renovation in Toronto and Ontario

With the repair you can realize your most daring design and architectural fantasies. Today this process has lost only a technical component. In fact, luxury home renovation in Toronto is a great opportunity to personalize your house, change the design or layout.
In modern realities, quality repair and stylish design is a rule of good tone. It provides the necessary level of comfort and a sense of tranquility

Balcony repair in Toronto and Ontario

For owners of small apartments, balcony repair in Toronto and its redesign is an additional extension of living space, and the free space to use at their discretion. After the final works, the balcony may turn into a dressing room, a room for classes and games.
The company “Torontocon” repairs and glazing of balcony and loggias, our prices will surprise you with their availability and predictability. Professionalism and experience of our specialists, use of quality materials make the process of balcony arrangement effective and stable.

Design repair of a house in Toronto and Ontario

Even the most refined style of the room may lose its relevance over time. This means that the owners of private homes should be especially attentive to all modern changes in the world of design. On the one hand, it is a great opportunity to stylistically improve the home interior, make it more refined, comfortable, and ergonomic. On the other hand, with the help of design, anyone can hide various technical flaws of any architectural forms.

Ceiling Repair in Toronto and Ontario

From time to time there is a need (stylistic or technical) to repair the room and in particular to ceiling repair in Toronto and Ontario. On the one hand, this will help to update the design, on the other – to hide all the errors that have appeared over time. When the question of repair arises, many mistakenly assume that it is a long and expensive process. In fact, it is not, any repair can be done on time and within budget if professional teams are hired.

Complex repair of the house in Toronto and Ontario

In case of purchase of a new house, or if the condition of the house purchased on the secondary market was poorly cared for, you need not a partial, but a complex repair of the house. After all, it includes a complete repair of all premises inside your home. Our specialists will have to work with all areas of finishing: floors, walls, ceilings, plumbing and electrical work.
You can change the layout of the house, tear down some of the non bearing partitions and build new ones. There will be replaced or laid new communication routes, ventilation systems, heating and sewerage networks. New electrical appliances will be replaced or installed. After completion of work in the sanitary nodes, the following sanitary equipment will be installed and connected to the networks: bath, toilet, sink.

Сomplete renovation of the house in Toronto and Ontario

If you decide to make radical changes in your home, then you can not do with cosmetic repairs. In this case you will need a complete renovation of the house. And it is significantly different from the current or the same cosmetic repair. In case of a complete renovation in Ontario, as a rule, a full set of works is performed throughout the house.
Changes in the geometry of the premises, demolished and erected new partitions, replaced plumbing and electrical communications in a house, change the cladding of the house, renovate the roof covering and much more. Repair of this level can be trusted only to professionals with the highest technical and practical skills in the field of repair. And it is worth applying for such repair only to the company, not to private teams.

Bedroom Renovation in Toronto and Ontario

That’s where we spend the third part of our lives. Therefore, thinking of the bedroom renovation in Toronto, it is necessary to provide such designer techniques that will help make a cozy, comfortable room, not forgetting its purpose. All the elements of decoration and furniture in the bedroom should contribute to a full relaxation, the ability to relieve the load of daily troubles and gain energy for the upcoming day.

Basement renovation in Toronto and Ontario

Basement renovation in the house can solve existing problems with locking the floor and walls as a result of waterproofing, or significantly reduce heating costs through insulation. It is also possible to take a new look at the basement renovation – expanding the useful area through a comprehensive repair with finishing work. Device in the newly renovated basement of the utility room gym, dressing room, spa area will significantly increase comfort and increase the market value of the house.