Wall Decor

Blank walls can be a total headache when you don’t have time or ideas — but they certainly don’t have to be. People are tempted to focus more on furniture and other items when designing a home, leaving out wall art.Having amazing wall art can transform a boring one or dual-toned wall space into a fully-functional masterpiece.

It all begins with finding a piece of artwork you are strongly drawn to; one that represents your personality and sets the mood for your interior space. With the right art, you can evoke an ambience that resonates with the entire theme of your home.

Designing your interior space with wall art shouldn’t be an afterthought or a project to be undertaken when every other thing has been put in place. This is something that should be done side-by-side with other design projects to bring out the best in your home.

Every space requires a focal point – a centre of attraction. This can be a design element that captures the eyes of anyone present in that section area of the building, giving them a feeling of what to expect there. Having a piece of inspiring art is ideal for this aim.

Medium-sized wall art can be placed on the wall of your living room, preferably above the sofa or fireplace. Whereas, you can place large-size wall art on the wall of your bedroom. A gallery of art collections can be designed in the kitchen area, depending on your preference. What’s important is that you know what size, type and theme of wall art would best suit any space in your home.

Wall arts add depth to the overall theme of a room. To make your room stand out, you can use wall arts with a touch of bright accent colors . If your intention for a particular area is to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, abstract wall arts wrapped in a warm blue color would be ideal for your design. It is important to consider the style that suits your personality. An artwork should provoke certain feelings in  viewer.